International Authorization Center for Personnel-, System- and Product- Certificationbodies

The mission of

We have made it our mission to create the possibility for all products, services, systems and best practices to make quality, service and sustainability visible.

In this way, we create trust and offer companies the opportunity to strengthen consumer confidence and increase the attractiveness of their offerings.

High-quality certificates require strong, superior and objective authorisation according to international standards. This enables comparability of certification procedures across borders. is an international and superordinate authorization body of certification bodies and has set itself the task of making proven and neutrally verified quality, competence and sustainability internationally comparable and visible.

Certification bodies authorized by are audited according to a clearly defined scheme and stand for compliance with international standards. In this way, they create more trust among stakeholders and increase the attractiveness of the offered certificationpropositions.

The portfolio

Authorisation of Personnel Certifications

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Authorisation of System Certifications

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Authorisation of Product Certifications

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Advantages of authorized certification bodies

Independent certification specifically for the needs of the market and for offers from certification bodies

Independent, standardized and high-quality audits that ensure transparency and objectivity

We secure certification procedures for all areas for which no comparable basis of trust exists

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