You can trust this seal of approval 100%

There are many seals of approval that promise trust.
As a consumer, however, it is difficult to know if you can trust.

There are many products, services and services on the market that do not yet have a multi-phase internationally standardized quality test that consumers and companies can rely on.

aretik.eu product certification

As an authorization body based on an ISO-based platform, we offer standardized certification criteria to have products, services, processes and best practices subjected to auditing.

In this way, we create trust and offer companies the opportunity to strengthen consumer confidence and increase the attractiveness of their offerings.

The special difference

Clearly defined guidelines
Involvement of independent bodies
Ongoing update
Efficient use of time
Certification with “letter & seal”

Advantages of certification procedures authorized by aretik.eu

Independent certification specifically for the needs of the market and for offers from certification bodies

We secure certification procedures for all areas for which no comparable basis of trust exists

The advantages for you as a consumer

You as a consumer benefit with the aretik.eu seal of approval through full transparency and certification based on international guidelines. This gives you the security you can rely on when making a purchase.

  • Independent multi-phase certification based on internationally valid ISO guidelines
  • 360° seal by checking all relevant influencing factors such as quality, technology and sustainability
  • Exclusion of planned obsolescence, i.e. wear and tear planned by the manufacturer
  • Manageability with a large variety of offers
  • One seal of approval and quality you can rely on and trust
  • Better sense of life through created trust
  • Optimization of the selection process in your purchase decision
  • Verifiable and traceable at any time via the QR code

The advantages for you as a company

Transparency and certifications based on international guidelines.

  • Individual certification specifically for your needs and for your offers
  • High return-on-investment due to optimized certification effort and thus costs
  • Certification of products, processes, services & best practices
  • 360° seal by checking all relevant influencing factors such as quality | product | sustainability
  • Maximizing trust with customers through a transparent seal of approval with visibility at all times via the QR code
  • Increased sales through greater customer loyalty
  • Image promotion through a transparent seal of quality

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