System Certifications

We are currently working on different system certifications. As soon as they are reviewed and approved, they will be published on this page.

The special difference

Clearly defined guidelines
Involvement of independent bodies
Ongoing update
Efficient use of time
Certification with “letter & seal”

Advantages of certification procedures authorized by

Independent certification specifically for the needs of the market and for offers from certification bodies

We secure certification procedures for all areas for which no comparable basis of trust exists

Our quality standards

This standard is a worldwide recognized standard in which form a qualification is to be defined and how after the corresponding qualification measures a review with a conclusive verification must take place.

Of great importance is the international recognition of both the learning content and objectives as well as the examination methodology. Our certificates are awarded and issued on this basis. These certificates have a validity limited to three years.

Re-certification is carried out after every three years to ensure that the area of knowledge concerned is kept up to date, in order to provide evidence of permanent involvement with the topics concerned and the associated ongoing further training.

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