The certification bodies listed with have undergone an extensive and rigorous inspection and monitoring process in accordance with international standards. Their certification procedures have been authorized by after a successful audit and thus stand for the following quality standards.

The certification bodies authorized by us

HUMANcert is a team of internationally experienced lead auditors from the fields of integrated management systems (quality, environment, safety and health care), adult education, product and/or health care.

The team of auditors consists of experts with similar experience in various management tasks. In addition, we use qualified experts from recognized organizations to assess and process industry-specific or technical-specific topics with maximum competence.

Premium Cert is an independent quality provider in the B2B sector for tailor-made special training courses and supplementary, high-quality personal and system certifications and designs a range of services for higher-level demand organizations (for example from the banking, insurance, industry and trade sectors).

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